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Graduate Profile

Native Tech aims to provide its students with a comprehensive education that equips them with the skills, knowledge, and mindset necessary to thrive in the digital age while honoring indigenous identity and cultural diversity. Upon graduation from our school, students will have developed a unique graduate profile that showcases their abilities in various domains.


Graduate profiles are one way a school can share their understanding of what a future-oriented learner looks like. Gradate profiles describe skills, knowledge and attitudes that students will develop in order to become lifelong learners.

  • Digital Literacy: Graduates will possess a high level of digital literacy, including proficiency in using digital tools, software, and platforms. They will be adept at navigating the digital landscape, critically evaluating information, and effectively communicating in digital formats while respecting cultural nuances and diversity.
  • Technological Competence: Students will have a solid understanding of key technologies and concepts relevant to the digital realm, while also appreciating the impact of culture on technology adoption and usage. They will be skilled in coding, programming, data analysis, cybersecurity, and other emerging technologies, enabling them to bridge cultural gaps in the digital space.
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Graduates will be critical thinkers who can analyse complex problems, identify patterns, and develop innovative solutions while considering cultural contexts and sensitivities. They will have a strong ability to approach challenges from multiple perspectives, think creatively, and make informed decisions in a rapidly changing digital world.
  • Collaboration and Communication: Students will excel in collaborating with diverse teams and communicating effectively in both virtual and face-to-face settings while acknowledging and valuing indigenous and in particular Māori perspectives as well as cultural differences. They will have experience working on interdisciplinary projects, leveraging digital collaboration tools, and adapting to different communication styles across cultures.
  • Ethical and Digital Wellbeing: Graduates will demonstrate ethical and responsible behavior in their digital interactions, considering the implications of their actions online. They will understand the importance of respecting cultural values, privacy, and intellectual property, and promote digital inclusivity, diversity, and equity across cultural boundaries.
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset: Students will develop an entrepreneurial mindset, embracing innovation, adaptability, and risk-taking while recognising the cultural dimensions of entrepreneurship. They will be capable of identifying opportunities, thinking entrepreneurially, and leveraging technology to create value while respecting and integrating diverse cultural perspectives.
  • Lifelong Learning: Graduates will be committed to lifelong learning and continuous personal and professional development, recognising the significance of cultural intelligence. They will have a growth mindset, seeking new knowledge, acquiring new skills, and staying updated with the latest advancements in the digital field while appreciating the cultural diversity within the digital landscape.
  • Global Awareness and Cultural Sensitivity: Students will possess a global perspective and cultural sensitivity, valuing cultural diversity and inclusivity in the digital space. They will understand the interconnectedness of the digital world, appreciate diverse perspectives, and engage in global conversations to address global challenges while respecting cultural heritage.
  • Leadership and Initiative: Graduates will demonstrate leadership skills and the ability to take initiative, considering cultural dynamics and fostering inclusive leadership practices. They will be self-motivated, confident, and capable of leading digital transformation initiatives, driving change, and inspiring others while embracing cultural diversity and fostering a rich and dynamic environment.
  • Resilience and Adaptability: Students will develop resilience and adaptability to thrive in a dynamic and rapidly changing digital environment, while also adapting to different cultural contexts. They will embrace ambiguity, learn from failures, and demonstrate the ability to adapt to new technologies, challenges, and cultural norms.

Preparing our Students for the Future

Native Tech’s graduate profile aims to produce culturally competent individuals who are not only technologically proficient but also possess the essential skills, values, and mindset to excel in the digital era while embracing and celebrating indigenous identity and cultural diversity.


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