Student Services

Your first day with us will start with a whakatau, a welcome ceremony, followed by a karakia, mihi from Native Tech, our whānau will be invited to speak if they choose and we will end with a waiata tautoko.

After this we will take you through our orientation and take you around our campus and introduce you to Native Tech and DNA staff as well as all our key students services available. Our kaupapa is to share space and place and help you find your path and find your purpose. We are whānau centred and provide a safe place for you to explore who you are and what you want to be.

Student Support

Caring for our student's health and wellbeing is at the core of all that we do.

  • Your health and wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us and we have trained staff to help ensure you are supported.
  • Our Rangatahi Transition Navigators will work with you to develop a plan focused on short, medium and long term goals and help you achieve those goals, step by step.
  • Any student who needs a safe place and person to talk to is welcome
  • We will support students with a disability or health concerns
  • Our rangatahi navigators will help refer students to necessary outside agencies
  • Our staff will work with you to get all essential documents in order, including ID, IRD number, bank account, REAL ME and other key documents.
  • Students will take a temperament questionnaire to help use better understand your personality and how you engage with others. 

Student Administration

Providing robust and secure inforamtion management to ensure students have access to all their key data.

  • Our Student Support Administrator will ensure students have all the necessary administrative information they need.
  • Students will assisted with their enrolment if they have any issues or concerns.
  •  All your records will be maintained and will be up to date and provide accurate information regarding all aspects of student engagement including attendance, pastoral notes, processing assessment results, creating transcripts etc.
  • We will ensure Native Tech meets all its statutory obligations to the various external agencies.

Student Representation

Student Voice and Input into decisionmaking and direction.

  • Two students will represent their fellow students to ensure student needs, concerns, feedback and ideas are shared fairly with Native Tech management.
  • Students will help provide guidence around key student related initaitves including end-of-term celebrations and other related activities.

Academic Support

Our team will help students explore new skills and help reignite their love of learning.

  • Our Academic Team will work with each student on a daily basis to discuss any issues that may arise and will keep in touch regarding their attendance or any other concerns that may impact their learning
  • When a student is falling behind in their assessments or class work, Native Tech’s Academic Team will develop a RAP – Remedial
    Action Plan. Both the student and the trainer will agree on milestones to achieve in order to achieve key goals up.
  • Studentst will receive one-on-one tutor assistance outside of class time as required. 
  • We use the VARK guide to learning style which helps us determine if students are visual, aural, reading or kinesthetic type of learners.

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